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Privacy Notice

While we need to collect personal information to provide services, but we have developed a solid and effective policies and regulations to protect your privacy and personal information. Developed providing online privacy policy to protect the privacy. This information includes participate Name, address, telephone number, email address of the member and the members of online activities.

We respect and protect your privacy, so we do not sell, trade, or use your personal information without your consent. We are committed to not divulge to third party any personal information. If the personal information you provide, please visit our website, it means that you accept and agreed to have the terms of the Privacy Policy.

In many cases, we ask you to provide personal information on the site. Include the following:

You need to, so that we can provide necessary personal information to you specific services. If you register on the website, you must provide your name, contact information, e-mail address, etc., we will only give your personal information only in accordance with the law, such as news, search warrant or other legal process.

Collecting your personal information to provide you with services, we can also get some information that does not gather to improve their personal information, summaries, and the ability of the service quality. For example, when you surf the Web, we will automatically record your browsing time, date and URL that you use the browser.

We reserve to use the e-mail address, one of the rights that you have to offer. We will use your e-mail address, provided that the news site, answer e-mail, or in connection with you.

How do you protect your privacy
Remember, though, close all windows and log unauthorized use of your personal data to prevent, or if you want to see this letter.

Please keep your ID and membership information. If you have no illegal use of your ID, please do not hesitate to contact us. We encourage you to contact ID, to ensure that the information is correct to ensure that, before this, personal information private, we want. Personal contact information, membership sites and platforms launched consultations. Triggering consultation platform release contact information of disputes, we assume not assume any responsibility. Contact information, including your name, address and telephone number. NOTE: If you volunteer your membership information you can steal or collect your personal data.

Safety measures
Website information that you will be subject to strict management and protection technology of the place, are used to prevent your personal information from loss, theft or tampering. We adopt is received by the server and the security settings of your credit card information. Use only the correct password, you can access your personal data and programs, and to prevent unauthorized access. When you start, do not capture the state your computer, we will be automatically logged out after a certain time.

Cookie technology
With the new technology of the Internet, the website brings a personal experience of the place. We use cookie technology to analyze the use of the web page. Cookie is a text stored on the hard disk of your computer, some of the necessary authorizations. Using this technique, no information about you does not mean we can automatically notified. We can choose the type of computer you are using to determine, but the main purpose is to allow the use of cookies, if you have a better experience when you visit our website.

At the same time, you also have full autonomy, you can set up your Web browser to notify you negate the request to a cookie, cookie or. You can delete cookies files contain, these files are stored as part of an Internet browser.

Policy change The interpretation of this statement attributed to this page. The website reserves the right to update, modify or change this privacy policy right. To verify this communication in a timely manner.

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